Our training sessions are for every level.  We offer several programs : Sports Performance, Makua Functional Fitness, Ho'okahi Coaching.

*All sessions are made by appointment only.




Our Athletic Performance Training Programs focus on building a solid athletic foundation while providing individualized training based upon the haumana's goal and sport specific demands. Our program emphasizes instruction on proper movement training, speed and agility, energy systems conditioning, and injury reduction. We also look beyond the training and educate athletes about how decisions off the field and away from training can have a direct effect on their overall performance.


The Makua Functional Training is a condensed version of our Athletic Performance Program. Our Makua Training is designed specifically to the needs of our adult training haumana. Whether your goal is weightloss, achieving a specific fitness and strength goal, or simply to work with our coaches to Build a Ku body, we can cater the needs to kane and wahine of all ages and fitness levels.  Our sessions are designed to improve proper movement, increase total body strength and body, while enhancing your conditioning. During the session, the group of no more than 6 individuals cover: Foam Rolling, Movement Prep, Strength Training, and Conditioning.


The Ho'okahi Training is our personalized training option for those who prefer 1:1 coaching or for people with variable schedules such as athletes, executives, or stay-at-home moms and dads. Aside from the 1:1 coaching there is also semi-private training for those who like working with a partner or friend. Semi-private training is typically 2-4 people with one coach.  Most semi-private training constist of friends, husband-wife teams, brides and bridesmaids, siblings, and mother-daughter duos. Semi-private training is more cost-effective than the traditional 1 on 1 training and is also a popular option.


Ranges from $60-$85/session


Our Hui Classes are geared towards all fitness levels and our haumana are always coached and supervised by our qualified and certified coaches. Hui Classes are capped to ensure you always receive expert coaching and guidance while you train. Classes are for both male and females and perfect for those looking to drop body fat and improve fitness.


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