How do you like the new site?  Minimal and straight to the point.  No fluff.

We aren't playing around anymore.  Here, you'll find out what we do and our philosophy of being Kū and ultimately reaching Kūmaka status.  

What is Kūmaka? We'll dive more into that later.  

We have a wide range of students, or haumana, who train with us. There are 9 to 5 workers, martial arts practitioners,  business owners, and athletes who are all dedicated towards becoming stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually.  

We are not here to impress or to boast how cool we are.  Our goal is to prepare our students to be the strongest at what they do and in who they are.  We will try our best to post up our training on a daily basis.

Each training session has a specific intention (which will be noted on our Note section.  We consider the training grounds our lab of physical performance and are not afraid to experiment with training methods.  

DISCLAIMER: You are totally responsible for yourself if you choose to follow our training.  Make sure to adjust accordingly to your own level.  Enough said about that.

If you have a problem with what we do here, that's okay.  You can go somewhere else.  We are very mindful of who we surround ourselves with and very adamant of keeping our culture strong.

As in the New Zealand's policy they adapted from the Sydney Swans, "No Dickheads".  We are headed in one direction and don't allow others to get in our way or slow us down.

With that all being said.

A hui hou and Keep it Kū.

Coach Aipa

MANA'ODaniel Aipa